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Utilize the brand new ad tester tool to find the best ad locations and sizes.
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Link your existing ad network accounts and direct ad deals and have them all compete for your inventory.

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Business or Corporate Sites

  • $19 / month
    Includes desktop, tablet and mobile versions with no ads.
All plans include a 30-day no-obligation, unlimited-use trial (no monthly fee or small ad at bottom)
and the best customer service in the business.

What happens after my trial?

You can upgrade to any subscription anytime during your one month free trial. However, if you hit the end of your free trial and haven't selected a subscription, informational sites will continue on our free plan. Commercial or business accounts will be put on hold and new designs will stop showing. (Don't worry, your old site never changes and your experiments and data will be safe until you select a subscription or cancel)

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There's no contract you just pay as you go (or not pay on the free plan :), and you can cancel any time without penalty.

How do I turn Ezoic on or off?

Ezoic works by either placing a script on your site's pages or by pointing your nameservers at Ezoic. You can turn Ezoic on/off instantly from the Ezoic dashboard. You can also point your name servers away or remove the script, but we would be sad. :(

Is Ezoic really free for non-profits and charities?

Yes it is! Just create an account and contact us.

What's your refund policy?

There is a one month free trial. After that, if you're on a paid subscription you can cancel anytime and receive a refund for your remaining time.