Ezoic's Affiliate Program

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What is the Ezoic Affiliate Program?

A new affiliate program for anyone who wants to promote the Ezoic platform to their users AND be compensated for their efforts. With it, you can earn a monthly commission by referring someone to Ezoic through your blog or website.

But what is Ezoic?

Ezoic is multi-faceted testing platform for online publishers that helps increase ad revenue by 50 - 250%. Mainly, this is done through the Ad Tester tool. By allowing publishers to systematically test many different ad sizes and locations, Ezoic can then determine the best combination of ads on any given page of a website. Our technology takes into account both revenue and user experience metrics, ensuring that site health is not sacrificed for increased revenue.

Ultimately, we are confident that it can help. Now, we just need your help getting this powerful tool into the hands of publishers around the world!

How much can I earn from joining this program?

You will earn 3% of a publisher’s ‘Ezoic Earnings’ for the lifetime that they use the Ezoic system. You will be credited with a sale immediately when someone starts using Ezoic, and will be able to collect your commission in the following month.

All right, I’m in. So how do I begin?

It’s easy. Simply promote Ezoic with reviews, testimonials or even AdWords campaigns; it’s ultimately up to you. Just be sure to include the “referral link” somewhere on the page. This contains the unique tracking ID so that those who sign-up can be traced back to you! Creatives and text links are all already provided for you. All you have to do is get the word out there!

You can join to program by clicking the button below and filling out the necessary information. Your application will then be reviewed and approved by the Ezoic team. Publishers currently using Ezoic have already been pre-approved.

How it Works


Apply to be an affiliate. Existing Ezoic publishers are pre-approved.

Promote Ezoic

Use assets and your referral link to attract publishers.

Make money

Earn 3% commission for life!

Join the Ezoic Affiliate Program Today!

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